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   Listening to the second Chikuho-school master's Shin-mukaiji
  (You can listen to the second Sakai Chikuho's honkyoku music.)
                               (On March 17, 2016)Kishi Seiichi wrote 
  Sakai Chikuho is the second Chikuho school master. He was born in 1933 and passed away on January 31, 1992.
In 1960's and 70's he was a most prominent shakuhachi performer. He was able to deal with all kind of shakuhachi repertoire from classical pieces(honkyoku) to modern contemporary music.
The famous shakuhachi music Chikurai-gosho竹籟五章 was dedicated by Moroi Makoto who was a famous Japanese composer.
He was also very good at classical shakuhachi music. But regretfully, after he died in 1992 all of his recordings have been vanished.
But even now, his playing is very interesting and suggestive for all of the shakuhachi players.
I would like to introduce one of his recordings. I hope you listen to and enjoy his Shin-muaiji真霧海?.

Click here --> (sound file code 331.mp3)

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